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Stuart Hitchinson
Vic's Gaff
The Shed (Vic's Gaff)
W  E  L  C  O  M  E      T  O      T  H  E      A  L  T  E  R  N  A  T  I  V  E      W  A  R  G  A  M  E  R  S      S  I  T  E  .                                    I      H  O  P  E      Y  O  U      E  N  J  O  Y      I  T      H  E  R  E  ,      A  F  T  E  R      A  L  L      "  I  T  '  S      O  N  L  Y      A      S  H  E  D  !  "            (  I  N      M  E  M  O  R  Y      O  F      V  I  C  T  O  R      M  E  L  D  R  E  W      -      R  .  I  .  P  .  )
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After many years of wandering the earth looking for my (me being Stuart Hitchinson) shangri-la, who would of beleived I would find it in a "shed".

Having been called a miserable old git, just like poor Victor Meldrew, by family and friends for years (hence the name of this site and shed alike), I built my castle in the garden and retired in peace!!! (isn't it amazing that nobody wants to know you until you have something that they all want, and then you're everyones friend!!)

I am a member of Durham Wargames Group, which covers all periods of wargaming.  I am called on to build terrain and buildings for all scales and periods.  Vic's Gaff was created to enable me to work in comfort, and the first thing to build was obviously "the bar".  It has been known for us to leave Vics Gaff at 5am in the morning having discussed everything from wargames, rugby, football, beer to trips to Gettysburg (pencilled in for 2006).

Victor Meldrew
I hope my site helps to bring out the lighter side of wargaming for my readers and hopefully pass on a few tips to enable you all to progress in the hobby.

La Haye Sainte
28mm La Haye Sainte, part of my Waterloo project.